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  • Questions? Call Us Today!
  • Phone: 435-535-1675
  • Fax: 435-535-1682


Quality Education for Youngsters


Quality education is not only just a means of knowledge acquisition. It also molds individuals to become beacons of hope and helps create a better, brighter future, which is why it is an absolute must to provide children with the quality education they need. And nope, there is absolutely no minimum age when it comes to learning. As a matter of fact, it is better to start them young!

Early childhood education gives children a headstart in learning. Aside from this, it also supports brain development, which can help nurture a child’s potential. It also stirs curiosity and feeds their mind with knowledge and creativity that promotes cognitive development.

Do you seek quality education for your dear young one? If so, we strongly recommend enrolling them at Doodlebug Academy.

This preschool in Utah has a wide array of programs designed to help your child learn and thrive. These programs also include highly interactive and intellectually-stimulating activities that promote creativity and development. We also understand that learning is more effective when it goes hand in hand with fun, which is why we see to it that sessions and classes with us are never dull moments!

Provide your child with the quality education they need and reach out to us today! With our teaching strategies and highly skilled staff, rest assured that your child is in the most capable hands.

We also offer and provide childcare for children from six weeks to five years old.

Dial 435-535-1675 to enroll or to know more about the trusted daycare in Smithfield, Utah!

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