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Repercussions of Excessive Screen Time


Technology has come a long, long way. It has progressed along with us, and due to its convenience and how it makes everything accessible, it has even become a part of our daily lives. And as for children, it has become a good way to entertain. However, entertaining technology may be for youngsters, excessive screen time may actually do more harm than good to your child.

How? Well, a daycare in Smithfield, Utah has laid out the repercussions of excessive screen time for children below:

  • It Can Affect Sleep.

    The blue light that gadgets and smartphones emit interferes with the sleep cycle and can make it hard for your child to sleep at night. This blue light can even affect their eyesight!

  • It Hinders Physical Activity.

    Access to gadgets can also affect their health as excessive screen time can hinder physical activity, which increases the risk of your child being overweight. Physical activity is essential for bodily development and prevents obesity.

  • It Increases the Risk of Behavioral Problems.

    Studies show that elementary school-age children who immerse themselves in their gadgets for more than two hours per day are more likely to have emotional and social problems, which can ultimately result in behavioral problems in the long run.

To promote physical activity, as well as to limit screen time for children, a preschool in Utah strongly recommends immersing your child in interactive activities or programs such as summer camps.

For such programs, you can reach out to Doodlebug Academy. We offer fun activities, programs, and events. And even childcare!

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