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Understanding the Impact of Structured Child Care


From the minute children are born, they gradually begin to learn and develop the skills they will continue to use throughout their lives. From something as simple as reaching for objects to the social skills they will use every day. Hence, a structured childcare program is an essential springboard for early childhood development. As a trusted preschool in Utah, we will discuss the impact of a structured childcare program on children:

  • Learn the concept of time.

    With a structured childcare program, children learn the concept of time and time management. This program introduces children to time schedules through developmental activities, nap time, and other activities. As the child grows older, these routines and expectations gradually change.

  • Establish daily routines.

    Routines are important to children as they provide structure and a sense of security in normality. By knowing what to expect, children feel secure and comfortable. A structured early childhood education program helps establish daily routines. This includes times for daily activities that promote positive behaviors and teach healthy habits.

  • Develop social skills.

    Through a structured program, children develop their social skills and learn how to deal with various situations. Hence, they learn how to communicate their needs to adults aside from their parents and how to treat other children with kindness and consideration. This promotes emotional maturity and intelligence from a young age.

Doodlebug Academy is a top-notch daycare in Smithfield, Utah offering high-quality programs using our in-house designed curriculum studies. For more details about our programs and enrollment, feel free to reach out to us.

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