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Screen Time Management: A Guide for Parents


Today, there are screens virtually everywhere which can make it difficult to manage your child’s screen time. To complicate matters, some screen time can also be educational and support your child’s growth. Nonetheless, too much screen time can have negative effects on your child’s development. It can affect sleep, physical activity, and behavior. Likewise, here are tips on how to manage your child’s screen time at home:

  • Create rules for screen time.

    Establish a schedule for allowing screen time at home and when to turn screens off. Preview programs, apps, and games, before allowing your child to view and play with them. Use parental controls to block or filter potentially harmful online content, especially during infanthood and during the toddler age.

  • Establish screen-free spaces.

    In addition to sending your child to daycare in Smithfield, Utah, determine which rooms or areas in your home where screens are not allowed. This may include the backyard or the bedroom. This may also entail disallowing screens during certain activities, such as storytime, playtime, or meals.

  • Model the desired behavior.

    Young children in childcare and higher ages look up to their parents and other adults at home. To encourage your child to have healthy screen time habits, you need to exhibit the desired behavior. Put away handheld devices during quality time together and avoid turning on the television for background noise during daily activities.

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