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Exploring the Importance of Outdoor Play During Winter


It’s that time of the year — the days are shorter and the air is colder. While snuggling up under a warm blanket may be all you and your family want to do, the need to exercise does not hibernate during the winter. Outdoor play is essential for your child’s development all year long, which is why it is part of daycare in Smithfield, Utah. Here, we discuss the importance of outdoor play during winter:

  • Outdoor play is good for their overall well-being.

    Most adults think of exercise as going to the gym, practicing yoga, or going for a run. For children in preschool in Utah, active play is the best form of exercise. With the proper clothing to keep them warm, children can go outside to play.

    Outdoor play is also associated with several health benefits. Engaging in play and interactive care builds and maintains strong muscles, develops motor skills, and reduces the risk of disease. Outdoor play also promotes mental health by improving cognition, mood, focus, and brain function.

  • Outdoor play offers unique learning opportunities.
    The cold weather enables children to discover new things about their environment, nature, and science. The change in settings is likely to pique their interest and encourage them to ask questions. The change in scenery will also encourage them to use their imagination and find different activities to play outside. This presents new ways for kids to develop their social, cognitive, and motor skills. Overcoming new challenges will also foster self-confidence.

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