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Why Should Parents Consider a Study-Based Curriculum?


Preschool is an important step for any young learner as it provides early childhood education and care. At this stage, children develop a range of skills that help prepare them for future learning. A study-based curriculum provides quality education for youngsters and supports healthy development. Here’s why you should consider a study-based curriculum for your little one:

  • It prepares them for future schooling.

    With a study-based preschool in Utah, children are better prepared for future schooling to promote academic success. A study-based program cultivates their cognitive and social skills, as well as their abilities in language, mathematics, and basic motor skills.

  • It nurtures their natural curiosity.

    Preschool-age children are naturally curious and have active imaginations that can be nurtured beyond daycare in Smithfield, Utah. A study-based curriculum nurtures your child’s personal growth and curiosity by introducing new concepts and building upon their existing knowledge of how the world works.

  • It provides opportunities for holistic development.

    Childcare and preschool are important steps in your child’s education. Integrating a study-based curriculum provides children with new learning experiences that keep them engaged. This promotes holistic development while boosting their social skills and confidence from a young age.

  • It allows parents to experience their children’s growth.

    Children thrive when there is consistency between home and school. With our preschool program, you can witness and experience your child’s growth firsthand, as your child takes what they learned at school to your home.

Here at Doodlebug Academy, we utilize the highly-acclaimed Teaching Strategies’ Creative Curriculum for preschool children, along with our in-house designed curriculum studies. To learn more about our programs and enrollment, get in touch with us.

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